Recently, I’ve gone through some traumatic times. In fact, I literally just shook my head and said “ugh,” (yuck) to myself while writing this, because that’s what I do when I write; I immerse myself in the moment where from my intentions derive. Last week I could feel the stress mounting in my life, because of the amount of change that is currently going on within it. In fact, I even told a few co-workers that I was having a tough week and that surely it had to turn around soon. Well, my week did turn around in a way, it climaxed.

Early Monday morning I was involved in a car accident in which my car was totaled, and yes, I was driving. I remember saying, “oh no,” to myself while the rear end of my car fishtailed to the right around a winding left turn. I tried my best to keep the vehicle under my control, but, I lost control of my car on a windy Maryland back road and crashed, head on into a tree. The force of the impact sent my car back completely into the oncoming traffic lane. I’ve never had control taken from me in that way, I’ve never felt such fury, and I vow to never let anything similar occur ever again. Even while writing this post, there’s nostalgic feelings being conjured up inside of my body that permeate into my consciousness. I feel regretful, infuriated, and trapped in my thoughts just by taking on this task.

When I retired for bed, Tuesday night, I remember laying down and being in the state of sleep where the conscious mind turns off, and the unconscious mind takes over. Sometimes, I can feel myself falling and my body suddenly jerks in reaction to catch myself.  Well, on Tuesday night, this typical sense of falling was replaced by a sudden loud crashing noise during my transitional slumber and I immediately recognized the sound, it was the sound of my car crashing into a tree. So, obviously this accident has infiltrated my entire mind; it occurred in the conscious and repeated in an auditory sense subconsciously. The wildest part about this sound is that I didn’t remember it until hearing it again, Tuesday night.

In retrospect, I know I’ve changed because I’ve never felt such feelings, heard such sounds, and thought such thoughts since the accident. Those feelings, sounds, and thoughts have become a part of who I am. I believe that I am dynamic and constantly changing. But, what I love most is that something on that dark Monday morning had the benevolence to shield me from harm and give me a second chance to become the person that I’m meant to be; a person that’s one hundred percent invigorated, ahead of his time, and a person that has a mindset deeper than your average. I’m here to make this mindset tangible to the people that want to reach that level. I will never stop looking for you because you need someone to reach out to you. You need to know that you’re not alone, that there are others who have been through the tough times that you’re going through, and there are people, real people who think just like you! But, most of all, I will never stop looking for you because you desire to reach a new level.

Good always prevails because it is protected by energy, a light, if you will, that never fades.


There are many definitions for an economic Depression, like “a recession lasting longer than two years” or “a sustained downturn in economic activity.” There are others as well and almost all of them define our current economy. Unemployment has been high since the start of 2009 and is currently listed on the books at 9.2 percent for the month of July. However, there is a real unemployment measurement that incorporates both the unemployed and people who are “discouraged” from looking for a job. What most people fail to realize is that real unemployment is the total number of unemployed people in an economy. Real unemployment is listed above twenty percent and can be seen below as “SGS Alternate.”

Okay, so now that there’s no longer an elephant in the room we can talk about it freely. Obviously, this is a problem. We can see the magnitude of this problem especially when the definition of “discouraged worker” is brought into light. A discouraged worker in America is someone who has looked for work for more than twelve months, but has had no luck in getting hired. Now, there’s two types of discouraged workers, split into short-term and long-term and both are listed above. Short-term is the gray line above and the blue line is long-term.

The unemployment percent that is consistently shelled out by the media is listed above as “official.” But, really, there’s nothing “official” about it. As mentioned, this percent doesn’t include our discouraged workers, so it is listed at 9.2 percent. So, with a little quick arithmetic, we can see that the whole subject of unemployment is skewed. Especially when presented by the media.

This is one example of how mainstream media stretches the truth when it comes to the economy. A lot of people are out of work in our country and even more are being kept in the dark, away from the truth. The real unemployment rate went up this month, despite the media saying our economy we’re having an “economic recovery.” If this is a recovery, then I’ll show you a cat that barks. The numbers don’t lie, that’s the media.

America is in a Depression, we have been since the start of the economic disaster. When will we draw the line and contend that The People can do a better job than the politicians currently in power? If we don’t, then we’ll face more economic calamity and more exploitation. Now is the time!

Establishing A Reality

July 27, 2011

Something’s been on my mind for the past month. It’s been weighing heavily on my thoughts and has affected every ounce of my being. In fact, this one thought terrifies me, because it makes me realize what’s at stake for Americans living in this time. As an American, I want what’s best for my country. So, I have a responsibility to shed light on an elusively obvious truth that America is not run by people in the “status quo.” America is not run by Obama, the Clintons, Boehner, just as this country wasn’t run by the Bushes. Why do you think Obama hasn’t delivered on any of the promises that he ran his campaign on? It’s because he has an Oligarchy to serve, a group of powerful people that decide what is going to happen in our country. These people completely funded his campaign and are the real reason why he got elected, because of the funding. Now he’s repaying the favor to the wealthy people that gave him the money to run his campaign by serving their agenda.

Meanwhile, the people that voted for Obama are being let down because their man with all the promises can’t deliver. This is where transitional thinking is paramount, because it’s not Obama who is at fault. It’s our system. It’s flawed, ugly, and completely controlled by money. After all, what is the root of all evil? Americans have to grow up and drop the left-right paradigm. We’re losing our purchasing power, livelihoods, families, dreams, and liberty because we’ve given away our ability to learn and educate ourselves about the real world. We’ve made Jersey Shore, True Blood, and Dancing with the Stars are more important than our future and scumbags have taken advantage of us while we weren’t looking.

I implore everyone who’s looking at what is going on in our country, to wake up. No longer can we sit around like helpless brainwashed children, because a twisted reality is staring us right in the face and most of us can’t even acknowledge it. This isn’t a call to action, but if we’re all awake and see reality for what it is then we’ll get the change that was promised in 2008, because we deserve it. We’re good people who do what’s right, believe in humanity, and love one another. Those reasons alone are enough to propel America into new frontiers and enlightenment. This is the American Dream; to have the choice to live a fulfilling and healthy life. How can we do that when we’re terrified of the future?

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi

I’m thankful that I’m able to see past my own paradigm of thinking. Somehow in this journey called Life I’ve been able to grow and learn to understand how this world works. It’s a paradox, Life. When you wake up and see life for what it is you see a multitude of things on a wide spectrum. Not only do you see all of the nasty things like the true purpose of politics, you also see good things; for instance, the true purpose of humanity as the keepers of the earth. Heck, you can even see the minute and microscopic things, which are strikingly brilliant; because you know so few people have seen these details. It’s on this spectrum of Life that everyone lies, and everyone is a subject of this spectrum of Life.

This is where Life is so paradoxical, because not many people can see the whole spectrum. Many people focus only on the information that is given to them by few sources in those people’s lives, like TV or mainstream media; few people choose to dig for information and really learn on their own without the help of these sources, hence their blindness to the full spectrum. Only a small area of the spectrum can be given by the aforementioned sources of information in our lives because of various controls given to those sources. These controls are currently inherent and cripple the flow of information. In fact, there are only two sources of information that give full access to pure information, the internet and conversation. It’s then our responsibility to talk to as many people as we can and weed out bad information on the internet.

So, I encourage everyone to do their own research with alternative media on the web or radio, and also to avoid watching TV; we lose precious time watching cable anyway. This lost time can be spent doing real things with real people, like friends and family. Productivity has been lost in a muddled mess called the workweek and as a society; we have lost the ability to lead healthy lives. The system has created a rat race for us to run until the day we die and the effect that this acknowledgement causes is particularly heavy on our emotions. No one wants to think in this manner. But, if you’re anything like me, once you have acknowledged the spectrum you can’t refrain from being a real person and you want something better.

There are emotions that are attached to this knowledge come in a wide array of diversity. Some days I am genuinely upset and sad with the amount of terrible things that are being pushed into our lives. Other days, I’m terrified that most people can’t even see those terrible things arriving. However, most days I’m happy and I take pleasure knowing that I have the ability and responsibility to guide people through awakening process. I feel as though my equanimous demeanor may be a bit paradoxical when judging me based on my emotions. But, I choose to make it that way because I can’t just give in and give up the fight. So, optimism is my good friend and equanimity is my left-hand-man.

It is our choice to wake up and see life for what it is, this is the paradox. People live life going through the motions, minimizing risk and barely scratching the surface of their full potential. Well, not people like me. We’ve chosen to continue to learn and grow at a swift pace, so did the people that have helped me see the full spectrum; and so, with that, I bid you farewell and good fortune. You are not alone. 

Let’s Get Real.

July 16, 2011

So, apparently people still are unsure about it. They can’t see me for who I am. But, I’m really just at the beginning of the ordeal. So, really there’s nothing that’s going to be more real. I mean, when I’m older I’ll know how to handle people with proper calibration, so it’s going to be different. But, we live in the present so to the normal mind optimism has no presence. People already grip and claw at me to even the playing field. I’ll just say this, “if you try to slow me down you’ll fail,” with a solid smile, of course. I’ve pulled some stuff that you’ve never seen before and if you knew you’d more than likely respect me for the mere fact of having that knowledge. I’m a little slicker than your average and just know that when I’m involved things get different, it’s just that I think differently. I know this; you should; especially if you meet me in person. I do the best I can to be myself in any situation. I try to be as honest as possible and I look for feedback from people that matter. I desire to be the best that I can. The best part about this is that I’ll be this way until the day I die and that’s how I’ll be remembered. I may just be on my own; and honestly, I could make it to Venus and back.

With that being said, I can’t hold a grudge against other people for acting the way they do. I mean, I’ve learned and forgotten already what some might know in the future. This learning curve is as steep as the ignorant nerve that most serve on a regular basis. It’s hard to believe that I’m just now realizing this. So, I’m going to keep doing me and keep making the life that I deserve, along with a lucky girl, and my future family; blasting on all cylinders and never waiting for those people to predictably formulate a few thoughts about me. I hope one day they might see that those thoughts aren’t faults of mine and just projections of their mind to normalize me into something that they’ve rationalized into a dislike. Forget it, I’ll just give the respect that they refuse to and leave them in my dust. They’re not worth my time. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, Drino… come back to us.”

There is a flame burning deep within my soul. It is a flame that is radiant and brilliant. It is something that empowers my body and my mind. It is stronger than anything else that I may wield and mightier than the darkest of dreams. It is something that is infallible and loyal, and it will unlock my reality.

I choose to believe in myself and my methodology towards life. I choose to live in a state of being that can go beyond what is ordinary and to use that state as a spawn of power. I have found my dreams and I will always remember them. I choose to use those dreams to drive myself through tough situations that will challenge me, and to allow those dreams to lead me to the places where I want to be. I choose to use those dreams to show me to my full potential. I choose to know that I am capable of accomplishing anything that I want and I will not let anyone take that affirmation from me. I choose to stand up for myself and my beliefs. I choose to make this life mine and never, ever give that right away.

Get motivated!

November 19, 2010

Do you know that feeling, when you’re down and no matter what, you just can’t escape the negative thoughts that are flowing into your head? You have things to do that day, your docket is filled. But, you just can’t muster the motivation to crack down and start getting things done. What can you do? What should you do?

Well, this is a common occurrence in our everyday lives. Everyone experiences this kind of day. Our bodies have cycles that are dictated by the hormones and chemicals in our brains. Sometimes you feel great, while at other times, you feel like you’re cemented to the couch. These cycles are natural and because of that, they are of part of our lives. With that being said, you can do something to get away from a “down” day and get down to some serious work!

Two of my favorite activities for vanquishing an “off” day are simple, fun, and easy to do.

An activity aptly named “the power nap” is a great tool for recharging your batteries and getting your focus on track. A long nap isn’t needed, I sometimes nap for 20 minutes and feel great afterward. Naps do wonders for low energy levels and establishing a brand new attitude for getting things done, today.

Another good trick is going to the gym. When I’m tired and just can’t get motivated. I roll my butt off the couch and hit the gym. Regular exercise is a key component of having a healthy lifestyle. Not only does exercise build lean muscle, which burns fat, it also releases certain endorphins and transmitters in the brain that improve your mood! Also, during exercise our blood flow is enhanced, which allows a higher level of concentration, for any task. This is a great routine to follow on the day of an exam. Wake up and have a nice breakfast. Then go to the gym and get some good blood flow going. Afterward study a bit, you’ll have a strong focus, then go and rock out your exam!

Now, before you get all “I don’t even have a gym membership” on me; I just want to mention that “going to the gym” doesn’t have to be what it seems. Simply going for a run or walk outside or playing Frisbee with a friend is exercise. These are great activities to shake the baddies out of your day and getting your focus back on track. Nice!

So, the next time you’re having an off day, turn off the TV and take a snooze. You’ll wake up energized and ready to get some work done. Or, get your butt of the couch and go hit the weights. Afterward you’ll have the energy to kick your day’s butt!

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